Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bills, Budgets and ADHD

A few months back I wrote about finances and ADHD. It should come as no surprise that due to impulsivity, poor organizational skills and lack of motivation, many of those with ADHD have huge problems with budgeting money, large credit bills, saving money. In honor of April 15, tax time, I am revisiting this subject.
Some tips for improving your finances are:
  • using your bank's automatic payment service to pay your bills ( this way there are no overdue bills with late fees)
  • if you can afford it find a financial planner to help you with budgeting and saving
  • make a weekly appointment with yourself to balance your checkbook
  • minimize the number of credit cards you own
  • when you go shopping don't carry those credit cards this way you only buy what you have money for
  • make a budget and stick with it
Yes, some of these tips may be difficult for you so invite a friend to keep you accountable. If you are not comfortable with this hire an ADHD coach.
Next I have some apps you can use to help you with your finances. These are:
With all these great resources available you should be able to start the 2013 tax year on a stable financial foot!
If you are looking for an ADHD coach, contact me at or 614 216 2283